16 Seasons

Stacey David’s GEARZ is an award winning, high-octane automotive program that specializes in cutting edge how-to programming to help the DIY enthusiast get out of the house and into the garage.

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  • The nuts and bolts of building Sgt Rock (Season 10 Episode 1)

    Episode 124

    Season 10 Starts off with America’s favorite military tribute truck! Sgt. Rock is back and ready for final assembly! Garage Guru, Stacey David, takes us on a tour de force of custom fabrication as he covers all the nuts and bolts of what it’s taken to get Sgt. Rock ready to rumble. Builders of al...

  • Sgt. Rock Interior and Other Details (Season 10 Episode 2)

    Episode 125

    A custom build can lose some power if the theme doesn’t stay consistent. Stacey shows how to do that by taking you through the process of how to make door and kick panels that keep the rugged military WWII bomber vibe flowing throughout the interior of Sgt. Rock. After that, its some tips on how ...

  • Assessing an unfinished project (Season 10 Episode 3)

    Episode 126

    Two things are certain in life: death and taxes. We all know what to do with taxes, but what happens when a loved one passes and leaves behind an unfinished project vehicle? How do you know what’s sitting in your garage? And how can you find out? Stacey tackles these questions and takes you on a ...

  • Gearz on the Road and Beyond the basic tools (Season 10 Episode 4)

    Episode 127

    The Gearz crew mount up and head out to visit a young gear-head whose love of wrenching started with 4-wheelers and has grown to include 4-wheel drive pickups. Young Adam has a few surprises in store as Stacey visits him in his Dad’s garage and discusses tools, storage and tearing apart things to...

  • Cheetah Bodywork, Latches & Custom Exhaust (Season 10 Episode 5)

    Episode 128

    The son of legendary car builder, Bill Thomas, talks shop about wrenching, racing and his father’s Cobra Killer… the Cheetah. Then Stacey heads over to Stainless Works to check out how the Cheetah’s custom side pipes, headers and mufflers came together. A Gauge Tech explains the pros and cons of ...

  • Old Dog – New Truck: Redoing your truck interior (Season 10 Episode 6)

    Episode 129

    Ever wonder why your wife or best buddy won’t step foot in your late model truck? It could be that crusty interior. Tag along as Stacey takes on the sights and smells of an ’83 Chevy in dire need of some attention. From new dash to leather on the bench seat and new carpet in the floor, Stacey sho...

  • Reviving an old Thiokol IMP snowcat (Season 10 Episode 7)

    Episode 130

    Through the years, we’ve had some amazing vehicles featured on GearZ—from elite racecars to the insanity of a V-8 barstool. Here we go again! Stacey hauls in a Thiokol Imp that needs some… attention. First things first with this crazy snowcat mobile; we’ve got to see if we can make it run. Follow...

  • Wiring Sgt. Rock (Season 10 Episode 8)

    Episode 131

    In the world of car building there are few things more ominous than missing titles or VIN numbers. But there is one task that stands out, one that brings grown men to tears, one that is usually lurking behind 100 yards of electrical tape… WIRING. Well hold on tight as Stacey dives head first into...

  • New A/C for an Old Chevy (Season 10 Episode 9)

    Episode 132

    With summer in full swing, it’s time to cool down that classic truck of yours. That’s right, roll those windows up and feel the cool breeze as Stacey shows just how easy it is to install this complete A/C system from LMC Truck. Now that you’re done sweatin’, let’s take a look at headers and intak...

  • Building a Better Tool (Season 10 Episode 10)

    Episode 133

    Stacey and the Gearz crew heat things up as they head to the Cornwell forges to watch molten steel be expertly transformed into America’s best ratchet. Get ready to see sparks fly. But the trip doesn’t stop there. Tag along as the crew follows what it takes for a ratchet to end up on a Cornwell t...

  • On the Road - '67 Ford (Season 10 Episode 11)

    Episode 134

    Cheetah lovers will be excited to see Stacey’s solution to keeping the headers both cool and looking red hot. Want to keep using your stock tank after converting to fuel injection? Get psyched, because Holley has a new fuel pump that’s going to make your life a whole lot easier. Think your car is...

  • Nova's and BBQ (Season 10 Episode 12)

    Episode 135

    Stacey and crew head to Memphis, TN to help out a local BBQ pitmaster who’s deep into a ground up rebuild of a ’72 Nova. The big challenge here?... Can you swap out an automatic transmission with a manual without losing your mind? Stacey is always up for a good challenge and he’ll show you just h...

  • Snowcat Bed & TN Electric Guitar (Season 10 Episode 13)

    Episode 136

    We’re winding up the 10th season of Gearz and what a season it’s been! But we’ve got some business to take care of before we move onto season 11. First things first… Holley just made an EFI even easier to install on your carbureted vehicle and Stacey will show you just how on target the Sniper is...