16 Seasons

Stacey David’s GEARZ is an award winning, high-octane automotive program that specializes in cutting edge how-to programming to help the DIY enthusiast get out of the house and into the garage.

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  • The SL-C's Hit the Road (Season 11 Episode 1)

    Episode 137

    We’re back and taking it to the streets! Season 11 comes roaring back with a look at Super Lite Cars on the road and the track! Stacey recalls and earlier SLC build and introduces two SLC builders who took a very hands on approach to putting their cars together. These street/race cars are sure to...

  • Sgt. Rock Lives! (Season 11 Episode 2)

    Episode 138

    This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Master car builder, Stacey David, shows off the truck that’s had the nation talking for ten years! Take a look back at the kid with the dream. Follow the design and fabrication to see what happens when the military tribute vehicle rolls out and conquers...

  • On the Road & Unicure Spray Booths (Season 11 Episode 3)

    Episode 139

    Things are rockin’ and rollin’ in and out of the GearZ garage. Stacey hits the road to find a project build that will get gear heads buzzing. He ends up with an ’81 Camaro and some awesome stories from the seller. If you’re talking project vehicles, you’ve got to talk paint! Stacey does just that...

  • The Return of Heavy Metal & Snowcat (Season 11 Episode 4)

    Episode 140

    Stacey and the GearZ crew roll in an old favorite: Heavy Metal. The coolest hotrod tow truck is back in the garage and ready for a facelift. Our good friends at the Hot Rod Institute drop by and talk shop with Stacey about his plans for the paint and fab work needed to get this bad boy looking go...

  • Stunt Double (Season 11 Episode 5)

    Episode 141

    Every gear head has a secret: they all want to drive like McQueen in Bullitt or Vin Diesel in The Fast And The Furious. But when the heat gets turned up, even some really good drivers can’t keep up. That’s when you bring in the Stunt Double! Stacey sits down with legendary Hollywood stuntman Ian ...

  • Catalog Camaro Nose Job (Season 11 Episode 6)

    Episode 142

    Stacey has taken on an '81 Camaro and sharpened his scalpel to perform an automotive nose job. Just wait till you see him whack of the old rubber nose and replace it with a 71’ rally sport front end! Now that’s what we call a facelift. Plenty of people said it couldn’t be done, but that’s just th...

  • Stunt Double Interior (Season 11 Episode 7)

    Episode 143

    They say that true change comes from within… Well, Stacey turns his attention to the interior of the Stunt Double. The old, crusty junk hits the floor and our Fall Guy inspired build gets a new look: from painting trim and door panels, to a new bench seat. Man o’ man, this truck is starting to lo...

  • Stunt Double gets a lift (Season 11 Episode 8)

    Episode 144

    When you’re putting together a project that’s inspired by a high-flying stunt truck, you know you’ve got to add some lift and our Stunt Double gets the goods this week. The front and rear suspension get treated to a 6” lift to get that rig up in the air. But a good lift won’t do any good if the s...

  • Ram gets a ProCharger (Season 11 Episode 9)

    Episode 145

    Everyone needs a little boost here and there. For some people, coffee does the trick. But here in the Gearz Garage we take our boost seriously. And we like ours packing 160 HP. Hang on to your seat as Stacey adds a bolt on Supercharger to a Ram 1500 breathes a little excitement into a daily drive...

  • Stunt Double Drivetrain (Season 11 Episode 10)

    Episode 146

    We’re running full steam ahead as the Stunt Double rolls back into the shop this week! Stacey reveals the wheels and tires that are going to accentuate that 6” lift, then He dives headlong into the drivetrain of this beast and comes up with a hot crate engine and a high-performance transmission t...

  • Catalog Camaro Front Suspension (Season 11 Episode 11)

    Episode 147

    We’re back at work on the Catalog Camaro and really diggin’ into the front end. You know what they say, “out with the old and in with the new,” and that’s exactly what Stacey’s doing. The old subframe, drivetrain, and suspension are hitting the garage floor in favor of a much-needed updated suspe...

  • ProCharger Visit (Season 11 Episode 12)

    Episode 148

    We head out of the garage to visit one of the premiere supercharger manufacturers in the world… ATI ProCharger. Follow along for the ride as Stacey walks through the entire process of how they have raised the bar on how a supercharger is built and what it does. From bulk metal to dyno runs, we’ve...

  • Recaps & Catchups (Season 11 Episode 13)

    Episode 149

    Stacey is in full hot rod mode as he unveils a wicked LS engine and Tremec 6spd tranny and stuffs it into the Catalog Camaro. If 600hp and a 6spd in a Camaro doesn’t get you going, the update on the Stunt Double will! It’s old school cool as Stacey shows off the stainless light bar, side steps an...