16 Seasons

Stacey David’s GEARZ is an award winning, high-octane automotive program that specializes in cutting edge how-to programming to help the DIY enthusiast get out of the house and into the garage.

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  • Puttin' on the B.R.A.K.E.S. (Season 12 Episode 1)

    Episode 150

    Season 12 opens with bang as Stacey starts the final assembly process on the V8 Interceptor. If you’ve ever wondered how to lay out an aftermarket A/C system, wiring harness, and steering column on your project… and make them all work together, you have to see this show! After that, NHRA legend a...

  • Snowcat Bed Fabrication (Season 12 Episode 2)

    Episode 151

    It’s all about fabrication and thinking outside the box, or to be more specific... outside the bed! Sure, there are plenty of custom pick-up truck beds you can buy but Stacey shows you what is involved in MAKING a custom bed to fit any vehicle, even something as crazy as a Thiokol Imp snowcat! Th...

  • Fort Carson on the Road (Season 12 Episode 3)

    Episode 152

    Stacey takes a trip to Fort Carson, Colorado to visit the Army auto skills program during their world conference. Not only does Stacey get to meet a General, but he also meets a young Sergeant who is in the middle of a frame-off square body restoration. After a thorough walk around, Stacey decide...

  • V8 Interceptor Final Assembly (Season 12 Episode 4)

    Episode 153

    It’s all about Cougars! No, not that kind of Cougar... the kind with 4 wheels and a legendary pedigree! After a short history lesson about how these cars came into existence and why they were so cool, Stacey rolls the V8 Interceptor back into the shop and digs into the final assembly of this wild...

  • SR-71 (Season 12 Episode 5)

    Episode 154

    Stacey takes us through the history of the legendary SR-71 Blackbird. If you’re not familiar with this bird, it could fly mach 3.2, cruise at 80,000 feet and kept our country safe through its many reconnaissance missions. Never shot down, and never outrun, it was the hot rod of the sky! Stacey ge...

  • Catalog Camaro Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck (Season 12 Episode 6)

    Episode 155

    The Catalog Camaro is back in the garage and ready to go under the knife as Stacey shows how to do a butt lift and tummy tuck on a 2nd generation Camaro. What does that mean? Last season Stacey performed a nose job on this old ’81 Camaro to show how easy it is to get rid of the 80’s plastic front...

  • Big Bad Buick (Season 12 Episode 7)

    Episode 156

    Stacey rolls in a Big Bad Buick Riviera and shows you what is possible with the right vehicle and some bolt on parts. This '72 Riviera is a great entry-level project that won’t break the bank and has the potential to serve some serious humble-pie to any unsuspecting hot shot that may want to mix ...

  • Cheetah Paint & Body (Season 12 Episode 8)

    Episode 157

    The Gearz crew hits the road and travels to the Charlotte Speed Shop to see how paint prep is going on Stacey’s Cheetah Evolution Car. With the hood and side vents glassed in and smoothed out, the first coat of primer gets sprayed and this awesome cat takes one big step closer to coming home! Sta...

  • Big Bad Buick: Inside & Out (Season 12 Episode 9)

    Episode 158

    Stacey gets down to business on the Big Bad Buick. With the top end engine rebuilt, the exterior and interior of the car need some serious updating. You don’t have to spend a ton of cash on simple modifications. Stacey shows what’s behind making a good clean line with your bumpers and how a simpl...

  • Old #7 Part 1 (Season 12 Episode 10)

    Episode 159

    Not everyone out there is wrenching on an a classic. In fact, we get tons of emails from viewers who want to upgrade brand-new vehicles but aren’t sure how to get started. Well, Stacey has the answer—and it comes with a little help from our friend and NASCAR legend Jimmie Johnson and a stunning 2...

  • Old #7 Part 2 (Season 12 Episode 11)

    Episode 160

    Stacey’s hard at work on a 2018 Camaro SS. This build is super-cool, not only because he’s running down a list of the top seven mods you can make on a brand-new car, but also because seven-time NASCAR champion, Jimmie Johnson is involved with the project. We’ve covered paint mods, body mods, and ...

  • Putting the Tools in the Rapid Tool Express (Season 12 Episode 12)

    Episode 161

    With our chassis and drivetrain out of the way, it’s time to get moving on the inside of the SR-71 Rapid Tool Express. But how do you organize a bunch of tools in and empty truck? The guys from Summit Bodyworks do it every day on full size Cornwell tool trucks, so it’s only natural that they lend...

  • SR-71 Chassis & Drivetrain (Season 12 Episode 13)

    Episode 162

    The SR-71 Rapid Tool Express is really taking off! We get our custom chassis from the Roadster Shop—those guys know a thing or two about quality builds. Engine Master Jon Kaase delivers a one-of-a-kind engine to power our SR-71. This build is coming together fast! With the body back on, Stacey ta...