16 Seasons

Stacey David’s GEARZ is an award winning, high-octane automotive program that specializes in cutting edge how-to programming to help the DIY enthusiast get out of the house and into the garage.

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  • SR-71 on the move (Season 13 Episode 1)

    Episode 163

    Season 13 is off and rumbling with Stacey showing off the new exhaust system for the SR-71 Rapid Tool Express project. From the headers to the tailpipes, this exhaust is going to scream! After that, its chassis details as Stacey lays out a plan for pedals, brakes and a fuel tank. Of course, You c...

  • Heavy Metal Paint & Body (Season 13 Episode 2)

    Episode 164

    The biggest toy in the shop is back... Heavy Metal! Our old junkyard International Tow Truck rolls back into the garage as the freshly painted cab returns from the Hot Rod Institute. And it’s not just any paint, It’s Razzleberry from Axalta that’s so candy, you’ll want to take a bite! But there’s...

  • Heavy Metal Dash & Interior (Season 13 Episode 3)

    Episode 165

    We’re moving full steam ahead with the Interior of the Heavy Metal cab coming together and now’s the time to get the dash set up. We’ve got new gauges, old gauges and a bunch of empty holes where switches and knobs lived in this truck’s former life. Stacey lays out the do's and don'ts of getting ...

  • SR-71 Interior (Season 13 Episode 4)

    Episode 166

    The SR-71 Rapid Tool Express returns as Stacey digs into his old ’59 ford panel truck and shows how to convert it into a one-off tool delivery truck to show off a variety of Cornwell tools. From special shelves, lighting and floor, there are even a few surprises that are tucked away inside this r...

  • Topping the Jeep (Season 13 Episode 5)

    Episode 167

    The Jeep may be the single most modified vehicle out there. From winches to lights, doors and fenders, if you’ve got a Jeep, it probably has some accessories on it. But despite all that, one of the best things about a Jeep is the removable top. It also sparks one of the biggest debates... What is...

  • Stunt Double Paint (Season 13 Episode 6)

    Episode 168

    It’s all about square body GM trucks, because The Stunt Double is back in the shop. First, we take a look back at the this awesome ‘86 Chevy 4x4 Silverado long bed build that pays tribute to the legendary Fall Guy TV truck. From its beginnings as a well-worn farm truck, you’ll see it get an upgr...

  • SR-71 Frame & Body Assembly (Season 13 Episode 7)

    Episode 169

    The SR-71 Rapid Tool Express is back on the block and going back together for the last time. Stacey finishes up the frame into a rolling masterpiece with the suspension and drivetrain assembled for the last time. Then, the body goes back on and the interior starts to go together. We’re talking fi...

  • Gas, Tops, Brushes & Samurai’s (Season 13 Episode 8)

    Episode 170

    With the e85 market and flex fuel vehicles growing every day, Stacey dives into the myths and truths that surround ethanol and whether or not it’s a good choice for your vehicle. With a little help from Advanced Fuel Dynamics, Stacey installs a new fuel delivery system on a 2017 Mustang to show j...

  • Cornwell 100 (Season 13 Episode 9)

    Episode 171

    It’s rare for people to reach the age of 100. It’s ever rarer for a business, but that just what Cornwell Quality Tools has done! Take a trip through the last century as Stacey tracks the development of a tool company started by a blacksmith, to the tool truck empire that stresses quality over ev...

  • The Return of Copperhead (Season 13 Episode 10)

    Episode 172

    There’s nothing like a good mystery. One of our favorite Gearz mysteries is the whereabouts of Copperhead, the legendary C10 that Stacey built more than a decade ago. It seemed like the truck just disappeared. Well, it’s back! And Stacey was reunited with it at the C10 Nationals in Ft. Worth, TX....

  • SR-71 Fins, Logo & Mystery Paint (Season 13 Episode 11)

    Episode 173

    As the SR-71 Rapid Tool Express nears completion there are a couple of major things left on the plate before we can fire her up and get her down the road. First, every aircraft must have fins, and Stacey finally finds the fins he’s been looking for since the beginning of this build. Second, a coo...

  • On the Road - Square Body (Season 13 Episode 12)

    Episode 174

    We’re on the road again, as Stacey visits a truck enthusiast working on his first ground up restoration. It’s a sweet, clean, square body that’s in good enough condition that it might be on the road in a couple of months. But every build can use a little push, and Gearz On the Road does just that...