15 Seasons

Stacey David’s GEARZ is an award winning, high-octane automotive program that specializes in cutting edge how-to programming to help the DIY enthusiast get out of the house and into the garage.

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  • Platinum and the Iron Giant (Season 15 Episode 13)

    Episode 200

    Stacey shows how America’s oldest tool company, Cornwell Tools, is changing the way you look at tool storage with their Platinum Series boxes and accessories. Never again will you have to sell a small box to get a larger one. With the Platinum series, you can just add to it to create your own cu...

  • Gearz On The Road (Season15 Episode 12)

    Episode 199

    This week, Stacey leaves the garage to visit a local car builder and his son. What he finds is not only one, but two great projects that bridge the generation gap between a father and son, and the differences between classic hot rod and a road-course tuner build. These two may not agree on everyt...

  • What's The Secret! (Season 15 Episode 11)

    Episode 198

    Quick, what’s a tribologist, lubricity, or stiction? If you’re thinking STAR TREK, you’re wrong! If you’re thinking oil, you’re right, and you’re gonna learn all about those things on this episode. Stacey teaches how to make your oil live long & prosper! After that, Stacey digs into the delic...

  • Topping Old Levi (Season 15 Episode 10)

    Episode 197

    Old Faded Levi is back in the shop on Gearz, as Stacey deals with the final upgrade that every old CJ jeep can benefit from… A GOOD TOP! Notorious for leaky seals and bad latches, original jeep soft tops are probably the reason there are so many rusty jeeps around today! Fortunately, Stacey has a...

  • Playing with Fire - Auto Auctions (Season 15 Episode 9)

    Episode 196

    Stacey dives deep into the exciting and unpredictable world of the automotive auctions, as we follow two potential sellers to Mecum. If you’ve ever thought about selling or buying a classic car or pickup truck at auction, you need to see this show! Can it be full of frenetic bidding and sky-high ...

  • The Great Supercar Debate (Season 15 Episode 8)

    Episode 195

    Ever wonder what goes into making a supercar a supercar? Top speed? Names like Ferrari or Lamborghini? The price? The pedigree? It can be really confusing, and nobody can agree… but Stacey takes you on a tour of several supercars and tries to figure out what exactly does make a supercar a superca...

  • Bumping Metal (Season 15 Episode 7)

    Episode 194

    Chances are, if you’ve pulled a car or truck out of a barn or a field or got a “steal” of a deal on craigslist, there’s going to be some metal work in your near future. Well, Stacey’s no different from the rest of us, and just to prove that he’s got a classic Jeep FC150 that needs some TLC in the...

  • Building American Muscle (Season 15 Episode 6)

    Episode 193

    Today’s muscle cars are something else, from Hellcat engines to Boss 9’s, and the ever popular LS swap, there’s a lot of muscle under the hoods of custom and production vehicles. But these cars didn’t just show up with all that horsepower, no, there’s a long lineage of American muscle cars, and S...

  • Days Gone By (Season 15 Episode 5)

    Episode 192

    Stacey takes a trip to the ‘Days Gone By’ Museum located just outside of Nashville. This place is awesome! From horse drawn carriages, to a DC3, to an enormous collection of tractors… so much of America’s manufacturing history is under one roof. It’s a wild ride through decades of mechanical achi...

  • Stunt Double Doors and Dash (Season 15 Episode 4)

    Episode 191

    The Stunt Double is back and getting some finishing touches on the interior. Stacey shows you how to assemble the doors with new glass, window regulators and all the other hardware that a solid door requires. After that, he finishes laying out the dash. This old square body Chevy truck is about r...

  • Old Faded Levi (Season 15 Episode 3)

    Episode 190

    Stacey shows how easy it is to update a classic, without losing the classic feel of the vehicle. The exhaust system, steering and brakes are all areas that our ‘77 Levi edition Jeep could benefit from, so Stacey takes it under the knife and shows that the only thing better than an old, faded pair...

  • Jeep Junk and Fixing Old Problems (Season 15 Episode 2)

    Sometimes the biggest problems you face on a project are fixing someone else’s fixes! You know what I’m talking about. The modified vehicle you buy, only to find that the modifications weren’t done too well! Stacey takes on old ‘77 Jeep CJ5 and starts correcting some issues by dumping the old sag...

  • Assessing a project, Becoming a car whisperer (Season 15 Episode 1)

    Episode 188

    Stacey digs into the mysteries of finding a good project vehicle. Because it’s not just about tools and techniques, sometimes you have to be part detective to read the clues that tell you about the history of the vehicle. After that, he walks through budget and how to decide what level of project...