NAPA Perfect Additions Truck

NAPA Perfect Additions Truck

Sometimes it’s not about having the right vehicle that makes a project unique, sometimes it's about putting on the right parts. Stacey teamed up with NAPA Auto Parts and took an average Ford F250 and made it anything but average, just by adding some cool parts. There’s not a lot of money spent here, but you would never know that by looking at the finished vehicle!

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NAPA Perfect Additions Truck
  • NAPA Perfect Additions Truck (Season 9 Episode 1)

    Stacey Preps the bed of the NAPA Perfect additions truck. From rolling out Herculiner to installing transfer tank, truck boxes, and even a combination generator/compressor, this big Ford begins its Perfect Additions transformation. We also throw in a wiring tech that will keep you from getting yo...

  • NAPA Perfect Additions Truck Part 2 (Season 9 Episode 2)

    Stacey tackles power gains at the air intake, modifies the computer and replaces the stock exhaust before addressing a 2” front-end suspension lift kit. He moves on to give the truck some extra height and support in the rear of the truck where payload weight can be a serious issue. After the susp...

  • NAPA Perfect Additions Truck Part 3 (Season 9 Episode 4)

    Stacey addresses tow and recovery needs for the Prefect Additions Truck. New side-boards and steps are installed. Our good friends from Ape Wraps meet the crew in Indianapolis to “wrap up” the NAPA Perfect Additions Truck. A quick tip will help keep you from drawing blood while wiring your car. S...