Restoration Series

Restoration Series

9 Episodes

Stacey David’s Restoration Series is designed to sensibly guide you through all aspects of auto restoration. From finding a vehicle, to planning the project, to gauging the levels of difficulty, to the nuts and bolts of building it. This series will help you put together a running, driving vehicle you can take pride in.

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Restoration Series
  • Weather-Stripping

    Episode 9

    When it comes to building or restoring a car or truck, it’s easy to focus on the big things like engine, interior, and body. But you can’t overlook smaller things like wiring, plumbing or weather-stripping, because they are just as important to a safe, reliable ride. This episode, the subject is...

  • Laying Out and Planning (Resto Season 1 Episode 1)

    Episode 1

    The main reason most project fail or lie dormant in garages for years is due to the lack of planning and organization. Stacey lays out the proper way to plan and approach a project and goes in depth on the 5 levels of difficulty that a project can fall under.

  • Frame and Chassis (Resto Season 1 Episode 2)

    Episode 2

    It’s a fact that most things in life will collapse without a strong foundation. Restoring or building a car or truck follows the same principal. Stacey walks through how to assess the frame and chassis on a vehicle and also how to fix, repair or modify it to give you the foundation you need to ...

  • Suspension (Resto Season 1 Episode 3)

    Episode 3

    Nothing will make a difference in the drivability and handling of your car or truck like suspension upgrades or modifications. But do you keep it stock, or modify it... and how do you do that? Stacey covers not only the answers to those questions but also digs into what it takes to build a suspen...

  • Floor and Carpet (Resto Season 1 Episode 4)

    Episode 4

    When it comes time to restore or modify the interior of your car or truck, the first place that always needs attention is the floor and carpet due to the high “foot” traffic. But how do you replace the carpet in a project? How can you tell if the floor is solid and what do you do if it isn’t? Sta...

  • Seats and Upholstery (Resto Season 1 Episode 5)

    Episode 5

    The interior is the place you’ll spend the most time in a car or truck. Because of that, it’s also subject to the most wear. Stacey looks at how to plan and execute an interior overhaul that fits your budget and the level of difficulty of your project. You may never look at your old, tired seats ...

  • Engine (Resto Season 1 Episode 6)

    Episode 6

    One of the number one areas of modification on a project car or truck is the engine. But do you keep it stock? Modify it? Swap it? Stacey not only answers those questions, but he also shows how to plan out your engine modifications in a way that won’t destroy your budget and leave you in the dogh...

  • Transmission (Resto Season 1 Episode 7)

    Episode 7

    Stick or automatic? Column or floor shift? So many questions, so many options, how do you choose? Well Stacey David not only shows you how, but also reveals some of the tips and tricks that’s involved in swapping from an automatic to a stick, and vice versa. Wanna get your shift together...

  • Brakes (Resto Season 1 Episode 8)

    Episode 8

    It’s one thing to make your project car or truck run down the road. It’s another thing to make it stop! But with so many improvements in braking over the years, what are the best brakes for your project and how do you set them up? Stacey answers those questions and more as he dives into discs and...